Established in 2003, Yong Kang TCM Clinic is one of the best leading TCM clinics in Singapore. Powered by our strong team, we are committed to make TCM simple and closer to our customers and continue to align our business mission to empower everyone’s life with TCM and create a healthy world.

In pursuit of providing more efficient and better service, our TCMPB registered physicians have continuously carried out numerous in-depth studies and practices to advance their medical skills.

Hence, all of our physicians are specializing in pain management, pediatrics, orthopedics, men and women’s health, TCM aesthetic treatment, TCM weight management, and TCM hair regrowth treatment.

Based on years of experience, our physicians have also formulated a series of herbal supplements and herbal soup packs that help to support and strengthen overall body health.

Moreover, we are the first TCM clinic in Singapore to adopt modernized extraction and concentration technologies in preparing herbal medicine.